What if Wednesday: Will Mitt Romney drive the vote in Utah for 2018?

ct-donald-trump-secretary-of-state-mitt-romney-20161129(Note: This article is an analysis about Salt Lake County. Statewide analysis coming soon).

All of the talk around politics today is about how 2018 is going to be another wave year for Democrats. Reminiscing about 2006, Democrats look poised to possibly take back the US House and Senate after a disastrous presidential election two years earlier. Of course, Donald Trump is diving the discussion, and we have already seen Democrats in Virginia doing what was considered the impossible, which is competing for the leadership of the House of Delegates. So, yes, it looks good for Democrats.

But this is Utah. And Mitt Romney is looking to run for US Senate.

With that being said, could that change the game? In 2012, Mitt Romney received 58.26% of the vote in Salt Lake County. One might think that is record breaking, but George W. Bush received 59.57% in 2004 against John Kerry. In 1996, Bob Dole won 45.51%, George W. Bush in 2000 won 55.84%. In 2008, John McCain won 48.09%, which was the first time that a Democrat, Barack Obama with his 48.17%, won Salt Lake County since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. So will there be a “Romney Coattails Effect” in 2018?  Continue reading “What if Wednesday: Will Mitt Romney drive the vote in Utah for 2018?”